How to make a relationship work.

Most people claim being in a relationship is the sweetest and nicest feeling anyone could ever ask for. Yes, that is soo true but halfway through the relationship the couple that seems soo much in love start hating each other and the question they often ask themselves is what really happened to us. I researched and questioned so many successful couples who have had successful relationships and still going strong.



Understanding is the number 1 key factor in every relation. The very moment you agree to be in a relationship, you should get to know your partner very well. Their likes, dislikes, the food they like, their mood swings, so on… You have to know that you are both from different background with a different fostering, therefore get to know your partner inside out to avoid an unwanted argument.


Learn to tolerate one another. In every  SUCCESSFUL relationship TOLERANCE and UNDERSTANDING are the major factors. Every relationship passes through a ”storm” every now and then but is tolerant and forgiving, that if your partner is ready to turn a new leaf. Anyone who is not ready to improve his or herself in a relationship surely doesn’t deserve a third chance. TOLERANCE  and FORGIVENESS are only meant for partners that are ready to make a major positive change in their lives to make their relationship work and to make their partners happy in the process.  As much as you have to forgive and tolerate one another you also need to cut off all toxic people in your life once and for all.



As the relationship progresses, it seeks maturity and responsibility.  Maturity in the sense that getting angry should be a thing of the past, instead, talk about it and clear the elephant in the room and set things right and straight. learn to apologize if you go wrong, never feel too big or it’s beyond you,  say SORRY and MEAN it. Argument drags out because of the fact that one party is too proud to apologize and the other party is too stubborn to forgive. Do not nag about everything, sometimes its best to just observe than to lash-out and nag…

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Respect is paramount in every relationship and not just one party (guys), women also deserve the same amount of respect given to a guy. Respect is reciprocal, no one deserves to be ill-treated or disrespected no matter their gender or race. Some culture undermine women and therefore men disrespect their girlfriend in public, leading to the low self -esteem of women and making them valueless but also women need the respect to give it back. A respectable man/woman never talk hush to his/her partner in public. Whatever the issue is, you can solve it when you get home, this shows understanding, tolerance, and respect. 


 Do not stop doing you. I  have watched soo many relationships fall because they stopped being themselves. Your partner saw and loved you the way you are. kiss him/her every morning like you did at the beginning of the relationship, tell him/her every day how much you love them, even if when he/she offends you. wear the sexy dresses he wants, build that abs she wants, Go on dates… basically learning to please one another and I assure you he/she won’t look at any woman/man. love dies when you decide to be selfish in your relationship. This is the part of life where you get to know the lady/man you want to spend the rest of your life with, do not rash into this. Take your time get to know him/she well, Enjoy most of your time together, Make each other a priority and have fun. Adore, love and respect her like no other and she will love and respect you unconditionally.


 Last but not least DO NOT CHEAT. Ones a cheat always a cheat and it is as it is. If you want a healthy relationship with no doubt from your partner, do not it. 90% of breakups and divorce in the world is due to cheating not ones but multiple times and women especially go through a lot when there are been cheated on.



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